Top 10 Best Psychic Websites for 2023

Find answers, insights, advice and clarity with online psychic readings now!

1 Purple Garden

Purple Garden

  • ✔️  Best for detailed predictions from top psychics
  • ✔️  $10 Free For Your First Session
  • ✔️  Detailed psychic profiles
  • ✔️  Read in real time via live chat or video
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1 Psychic Source Reviews

Psychic Source

  • ✔️  As low as $0.66 per minute + 5 minutes free!
  • ✔️  5 Minutes Free + As Low as $0.66/min
  • ✔️  Over 30 years of excellent service
  • ✔️  Available by phone, chat, or video
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1 Mysticsense


  • ✔️  Five minutes free for new users
  • ✔️  Best psychic reading
  • ✔️  Live Readings Via Phone, Chat & Video
  • ✔️  Wide variety of reading styles/tools
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1 PathForward Reviews


  • ✔️  New Customers pay $1 Per Minute + 3 Minutes free!
  • ✔️  Buy 30 Minutes, Get 5 Minutes Free
  • ✔️  Best mediums for life path guidance
  • ✔️  Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back
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1 Cocotarot


  • ✔️ New user registration to get $10 discount + 5 minutes free
  • ✔️ 2nd Consultation Only $1.99 1 Minute Discount
  • ✔️ Reader experience average 15 years
  • ✔️ More than 95% of customers are satisfied and give praise
1 The Circle

The Circle

  • ✔️ Pretty cheap compared to other online psychic sites
  • ✔️ 15+ years of experience
  • ✔️ First read $0.59 10 minutes
  • ✔️ Accept Paypal
1 Oranum


  • ✔️  New Users Get $9.99 in Free Credits
  • ✔️  Video chat with advisors
  • ✔️  Psychic reading demos before purchase
  • ✔️  Over 500 Psychics Available
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1 Ask Now

Ask Now

  • ✔️  15 Mins for $10 or $1/Min for 30 Mins
  • ✔️  Only $1 Per Minute
  • ✔️  Up To 5 Minutes Free If You Are Not Satisfied
  • ✔️  Get Powerful Answers for Life Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions



There are as many answers as there are people asking the question. Everyone has their own unique situation, which encourages people to seek the help of a psychic reader. Many people look for peace and comfort after going through a difficult time. Others are looking for love, while some worry about future events or job opportunities. Some people do it just for the experience and fun too. At the end of the day, it’s you who decides why you should have a psychic reading experience.


Every psychic reader has his own special way of reading. You might meet a psychic who likes crystal balls or who deals with tarot cards. Some psychics don’t like to use tools, they will talk to you so they can understand your concerns and offer advice based on their feelings, intuition or experience etc. No matter which method the psychic chooses, they will try to provide you with ways that can help you make decisions, find inner peace, and more.



Online reading includes online chat, online real-time video, or e-mail and telephone reading. But the effect is the same. Of course, it is the best and most convenient to use a mobile phone or a desktop computer to chat or video in real time. Either way, the end result should be that you get the answers you want and find peace of mind. As long as the result is beneficial to oneself, there is no need to worry about which method.



Every psychic has a preferred method of reading. There are also aspects of life that they are good at. There are psychics who focus on wealth, love and career or family, marriage and so on. Whatever help you need, there’s a medium out there that can help.


How Should You Experience Spiritualism?

Engaging in spiritism may not align with your perception of exploring the supernatural realm for answers to profound inquiries. However, a multitude of truth seekers today are tapping into this extensive pool of talent and insight online, seeking guidance, clarity, and solutions.


If you seek guidance for moving forward, need assistance in overcoming emotional barriers, have an important message to convey to an unreachable individual, or simply desire self-discovery, online psychic readings can be a source of inspiration and enlightenment.

Categories of Psychics



While commonly used to refer to individuals with paranormal communication abilities, channeling actually represents a specialized field within psychic readings. Psychics employ their innate extrasensory perception to receive information about your past, present, and future, drawing upon various energy sources—be it their own, yours, or the universe’s. By offering invaluable insights, clarity, and perspective, psychic readers assist in creating an action plan to address the issues that have been troubling you. Online psychic readings encompass a range of personal readings, such as palm readings, twin flame readings, soul mate readings, and many more.


Tarot Divination


Tarot reading is an ancient art with origins dating back centuries. Countless individuals today seek the wisdom and guidance of tarot card readers, who possess the power to interpret these cards and provide clarity, guidance, and introspection. Exceptional online tarot readings and psychic consultations can assist in solving complex problems, deciphering troubling emotions, dispelling negative thought patterns, and offering a fresh perspective on your chosen path.




Astrologers utilize celestial bodies as guiding lights to discover truths. The beauty of astrology lies in its wealth of information regarding your present, future, and past lives. Accurate online psychic readings within astrology can help navigate a multitude of astrological questions.




Psychics possess heightened sensitivity to the energies of souls, allowing them to instinctively tap into the energetic signals of others and convey messages between them. People often turn to psychics when they wish to deliver or receive messages from departed individuals, seek assistance in communicating with their pets, or desire to connect with angels and otherworldly entities.




Numerology is a highly scientific discipline that employs numbers and your date of birth to extract valuable insights into your destiny, life choices, and the path that lies ahead. As Plato once said, “Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. It is knowledge itself.” Through Numerology, one can unlock the mysteries of character and destiny.

Communication Type

In the past, finding accurate psychics necessitated locating a physical psychic, attending in-person meetings, and making multiple trips for subsequent sessions.


However, the advent of technology has alleviated these challenges. With online psychic services, you can instantly access and choose from a wide array of gifted psychics. Moreover, online psychic reading platforms offer the convenience of receiving readings from the comfort of your own space. Various channels of communication are available:


Email Reading


By emailing your questions, you receive answers when the psychic conducts their session. Email readings offer the benefit of obtaining genuine psychic insights with minimal effort. There is no need to sit with a psychic personally—you can simply send your questions and continue with your daily life while awaiting a response.


Live Chat Read


For those who prefer more immediate responses and find email too impersonal, online chat readings present a better alternative. Live chat sessions enable you to articulate your thoughts, emotions, and inquiries through writing, which is particularly beneficial for individuals who struggle to express themselves verbally. Following your input, an online psychic will respond. This method is convenient as it can be done from your phone, establishing a seamless communication channel.


Furthermore, several networks offer free psychic chat readings or psychic texts. These could serve as initial offers to help you become. acquainted with the medium or occasional gifts. Either way, you benefit by receiving completely free psychic readings from skilled practitioners!


Reading By Phone


If you seek a more personal connection through hearing another person’s voice, a phone reading is an excellent choice. Depending on your schedule and preferences, you can either call a psychic directly from the psychic network or request a call from them.


To ensure security, many online psychic platforms provide exclusive psychic phone numbers that can be accessed directly through their website. This way, your phone number remains private and undisclosed.


Video Chat Reading


Lastly, the most interactive option available is a video chat reading. This allows you to engage in face-to-face online psychic readings. Many individuals prefer this method as it enables you to see the psychic in front of you, observe their expressions, and almost directly experience their energy.


While some professional psychics specialize in specific mediums of communication, the best psychics offer a variety of methods to ensure the utmost convenience and comfort for truth seekers like yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Psychic Readings

How can I select a psychic?

Begin by understanding your goals for the reading and the type of individuals you prefer to communicate with. Some people seek empathetic and compassionate advisors for relationship questions, while others prefer more direct advice for career-related queries.


Psychological profiles provide valuable information about potential advisors, including their specialties, preferred reading methods, and tools they utilize. Top-rated psychic reading websites offer detailed information to help you decide whether to connect with a particular reader.

Are there free psychic readings available?

While some sites offer free psychic readings, they are often less accurate and reliable compared to professional psychic reading platforms. Beware of scams, as they do exist. Reputable sites, however, provide low introductory offers, free minutes, and satisfaction guarantees, allowing you to try their services before committing to a per-minute reading.

How accurate is mind reading?

When conducted by verified and experienced readers, psychic readings can be remarkably accurate. It’s natural to feel hesitant about consulting a psychic due to the presence of scams. To ensure consistently accurate readings, follow the tips below for selecting the best psychic website.

How frequently should I engage in spiritism?

If there have been no significant changes since your last channeling reading, there is no immediate need for a new session. Most individuals seek channeling when they have specific questions about areas of their life such as career, relationships, or marriage.


However, if you are experiencing major life changes and seek ongoing guidance to ensure you are on the right path, you can consult your preferred psychic more frequently. Refer to the top-rated psychic sites to ensure you receive the highest quality readings.

What are the different types of readings?

Readings are categorized by themes, psychic gifts, and psychic tools. Topics include love and romance, finances, life paths, past lives, spirituality, and more.


Psychic gifts encompass clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, spiritism, remote viewing, energy reading, and more. Psychic tools may include tarot cards, crystals, runes, pendulums, spiritual guides, birth charts, crystal balls, and more.


Learning about the specific gifts and tools that interest you can be helpful in finding a psychic who specializes in your preferred type of reading. Also, refer to our tips on selecting the best psychic reading websites.

What happens during spiritism?

The experience varies based on the type of reading you choose, as each psychic possesses different gifts and utilizes different tools. Experimenting with different types of readings can help you find the one that resonates with you. Refer to the tips for choosing the best online psychic sites to find the right reading for your needs.


In general, psychics typically tap into your energy and share their findings. You are then free to ask specific questions, which they will answer using their unique abilities. During the reading, your psychic may also convey messages from departed loved ones or spiritual guides.

How should I prepare for a reading?

It is important to have a clear understanding of what you desire from the channeling session and approach it with an open mind. Take a few moments to relax and clear your mind before the reading begins. By creating a moment of solitude, you open up channels of communication for the reader. Refer to our tips for selecting the best psychic website.


I also recommend preparing specific, open-ended questions in advance and taking notes during the reading (some sites provide transcripts). Keep in mind that highly specific answers and timelines may not always be possible. Remember, you have control over your own destiny and can alter the course of your life based on the information you receive.

What is the difference between online and offline psychics?

Online psychic readings allow you to receive readings from anywhere, while offline readings require in-person visits to the psychic. The main advantages of online readings are convenience and flexibility in terms of location. However, since online readings lack face-to-face interaction, it can be challenging to gauge the psychic’s energy accurately.


Nevertheless, many top online psychic sites now offer video readings that closely resemble offline sessions. As a result, online psychic readings are gaining popularity due to their convenience and effectiveness.


In conclusion, finding a legitimate psychic on a trustworthy website may require some time and research. However, the insights and guidance gained from online psychic readings can provide a deeper understanding of your current life dynamics. By gaining knowledge about the future, you can uncover possibilities and determine the best course of action for upcoming situations. This can lead to a positive mindset and a clearer path toward creating a brighter future.


With the wealth of information available through online psychic readings, consulting a gifted advisor is a worthwhile investment. Whether you need assistance with major life decisions or seek advice regarding potential relationships, online psychic readings can provide the answers you seek across all aspects of your life.

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