Aura Color Meaning

Exploring the Meaning of Aura Colors: Knowledge of the meaning of aura colors can prove to be an important way of determining a given mood, mental state, or even physical level in ourselves and those around us. While identifying another person’s aura is a great explanatory tool, I tend to place a greater emphasis on aura introspection. Meaning, honing in on our own personal auras…what do they radiate at any given time, and what does the meaning of the aura suggest in our emotional, physical, and life’s grand scheme of things.

Additionally, when we pay more attention to our aura, we can tap into our inner energies to enhance or balance these subtle output levels. Using and learning to observe aura colors and enhance certain frequencies is commonly known as aura projection.

The process of aura projection is the purposeful enhancement of a specific color within our aura and expressing the energy of that color outward for a beneficial purpose/result.

Why do we do such a thing? There are several benefits here.

Benefits of Enhanced Aura Colors

  • The practice of focusing and intensifying the colors of the aura demonstrates our inner power to regulate and even control our environment (inner and outer).
  • Focusing on a particular color brings forth emotions, thoughts and actions that correspond to that color’s energy. For example, projecting a red energy dye in our aura triggers instinct, courage, action, physicality, fertility, passion and all other attributes inherent in the meaning of the red aura color.
  • Projecting color properties outward through the aura has a dramatic effect on our environment. Energy – even subtle energy – reacts and responds to other energies. By wrapping ourselves in a particular color, the energy of that color spreads and consumes everything around us. In consumption, our lived experience begins to change according to the aura color intention.

Aura Color Meaning

If you are into spiritual topics, it is very important to understand the meaning of aura colors because energy bodies vibrate at different frequencies. Our energy bodies, chakras and air show colors. You will see these frequencies as colors in the field. You need to use your wits when interpreting the aura colors of other men and women. When you see someone else’s set color, you’re seeing it through your aura. What you are currently seeing may be a mixture of your own color and another person’s color.

For example, the other person’s color is red, and if your air color is blue, you might see purple in the other person’s air. Most of the time your brain will make a change and “discard” your own color, but occasionally it may not. So, learning how to see auras is easy, but as you understand, translating what we see, the meaning of what we see, is more complicated.

Meaning of the golden halo

The color indicates that a person is practicing greater spiritual development and incorporating her essence into her personal abilities or being. Gold means you are inspired and are returning to times of revitalization, where you are connected to God or high powers. This is the color of the understanding of these patterns of the Greater Mind and Universal Law of the Universe. Gold in the halo around the hairline indicates spiritual development.

green aura color meaning

Green expresses love, empathy and the need to be helpful and help others. It’s a color of feeling, harmony and balance, I’m fine, you’re fine, everything else is fine. This color reflects personal growth, inner opening, willingness to change and transformation. Cloudier greens can indicate fear and unflattering possessiveness.

purple aura color meaning

Purple indicates that a person is merging into the planes and planes. In addition to heart-to-heart, it also shows a sense of leadership. Purple signifies intuitive imagination, visualization, and connection to the dreaming planet. People with auras are capable of lucid dreaming, astral travel, and other skills.

blue aura color meaning

The color is one of the easiest to see in the aura, it signifies quiet order, peace, and someone who speaks her reality, who knows her authority. It reflects seriousness, serenity and quietness. People with a lot of blue are sensitive, have a strong sense of purpose, and have an inner guide or mentor. It can also signify solitude and a journey home, back to a higher self or essence. Dark blue is associated with telepathy, intuition, creativity, clairvoyance and the mysteries of life.

yellow aura color meaning

Of the air colors, the easiest to see is yellow. It is the color that awakens psychic abilities, joy, optimism and sunshine. Yellow around the hairline can signify new ideas, developing wisdom, religious development, wisdom, a sense of appropriateness, and emotional clarity. Cloudier yellows can indicate excess, overanalysis, and overly critical thinking.

yellow aura color meaning

Color is often thought of as dark energy. Seeing black in the aura is also a sign of calm in my experience. Based on the overall color of the aura, the vibrancy of the color tells me that the individual is experiencing a level of peace and quiet. Black can indicate congestion or imbalance. It may indicate congestion in the area, especially if the knee is seen, close to the body part and the individual may experience discomfort in the area. Black can also be a sign of rebirth and the process of death.

pink aura color meaning

Pink indicates softness. It is a color of growing kindness, tenderness, empathy and a gentle nature. When seen in air with pastel colors, it may indicate a humble person. Cloudier tones indicate imbalance. Perhaps the individual went too far, sacrificing his own needs.

orange aura color meaning

Orange is associated with vision, creativity and sensual energy. It is one color and expressive. If the color is cloudy, it may indicate an imbalance such as pride, grandiosity or vanity.

gray halo aura color meaning

If a darker and cloudier shade of gray is found near an area of the body, it indicates blockage in some body part compared to black. Gray can indicate that a person is experiencing religious openness and that their innate abilities such as creative imagination and intuition are being stimulated.

red aura color meaning

Red is a strong color associated with primal urges. It signals a connection to life energy on the ground, and excitement to life on this plane of existence. People with Excell and lots of red in their aura are passionate about life and eager to succeed on this planet. Anger in the character structure can be represented by a cloudier red. This anger is a mechanism for existence to survive in the world.

At last

The ability to see auras is a divine gift that you can develop if you are willing to devote the time and effort to it. Knowing the meaning of your aura colors, you’ll be able to better understand yourself and others by peering into hidden talents, thoughts, mental blocks, buried emotions, and long-forgotten memories. Once you apply the meaning of your aura colors to your healing process, you will be able to change things that you were not aware of before that were holding you back.

He who is willing to believe will be happier. People’s innate spirituality gradually disappears after acquired training. But we can still discover the beauty of real life by looking at ourselves. All spiritual meaning lies in “you”. I also wrote about the meaning of aura colors in a previous article. Take a look if you are interested. If you don’t want to learn by yourself, you can find some psychic experts on the platforms we recommend to answer your life’s problems, questions, etc…..

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