Aura Colors and Their Spiritual Meaning

The colors of the aura represent different things, and each aura reveals information about your mental, emotional, spiritual and chakra health.

The halos come in a variety of colors. A purple aura can indicate a person’s spirituality, while a white aura can appear on someone who is gifted with unique goals.

What do the colors of the aura mean?

Each color of your aura has its own meaning, and it’s important to understand what your aura is trying to reveal. These colors will express an individual’s energy field, thoughts, feelings, well-being and spiritual awareness.

Colors have many meanings that represent certain energies and aspirations. Based on your mood, it’s easy to assume what your aura color is.

Knowing what your aura tries to reveal is one of the benefits of looking inward. While some aura colors are rarer, there is still a chance to get all aura colors.

The color of the aura is unique to all of us. We may not be able to meet all of these in our lifetime. However, the more experience you gain and the more connected you are to the spiritual world, the more likely you are to radiate every color in your life.

By understanding the colors we can see in our aura, we can better understand ourselves and the emotions we feel.

What is an aura color?

While the main seven aura colors include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple, other aura colors can include pink, brown, gray, black, white, silver, gold, and iridescent. The aura can also be a different shade of color, such as light blue or dark yellow.

Each aura color has its own meaning, designed to show deep emotions and spiritual progress. We can understand ourselves better when we use the colors in our aura to show the connection between our inner peace and our outer appearance.

However, there are times when you are not in tune with your emotions. That’s why using the color of your aura works to your advantage. Your aura can take on a variety of colors, and that’s normal.

While it can be difficult to tell the difference between positive and negative colors, they will give you insight into things you may not even know.

Aura Color Meaning

red aura color

Deep reds often indicate self-sufficiency, while cloudy reds indicate negative energy and pent-up anger. Still, red is very powerful, and the red aura is associated with the root chakra.

While it’s not necessarily the best color aura, red shows that you need to focus on letting go of any negative emotions.

orange aura color

Orange promotes strong emotions and vitality. Bright orange symbolizes health and a fulfilling life, and when mixed with red, you may feel confident about yourself. The orange aura represents the sacral chakra.

Representing very positive emotions, orange can be seen when you are feeling happy, healthy and confident.

yellow aura color

Like the vibrancy of the color itself, yellow indicates a playful and curious nature. A yellow aura may also point to spiritual awakening, and the color is associated with the solar plexus chakra.

If you’ve been preoccupied with the little things in life, your playfulness may be high, leading to a yellowish tint.

green aura color

Similar to its role in nature, green symbolizes nature’s healing powers. Blue-green may represent a high level of healing power, but overall, green auras are associated with the heart chakra.

Your occupation may indicate a color in your aura. That said, if you’re a doctor, massage therapist, or counselor, you’ve probably seen green a lot.

blue aura color

Blue represents balance and intuitive abilities; for example, bright royal blue can indicate psychic abilities. Associated with the Throat Chakra, the Blue Aura can sometimes find it difficult to balance all the demands of everyday life.

However, if you see blue in your aura, you are taking a big step toward stability.

purple aura color

Purple means that you are becoming more spiritually aware and more open in all areas of your life. Associated with the crown chakra, people with a purple aura are artistic and intuitive, focused on attaining the highest spiritual level.

If you’ve found a new love or are spiritually content, purple indicates that you’re on the right path.

Indigo Aura

Indigo is associated with heightened perception, intuition, and tradition, while the indigo aura is associated with the third eye chakra. Indigo means you are able to feel the energy of others and see the truth.

If you have an indigo aura, you are perceptive, aware of your surroundings, and want to make a big difference in the world.

pink aura color

Pink is associated with romance and femininity; pale pink, for example, often suggests a strong balance between spiritual awareness and material reality.

Do you love your man more every day? Well, then it’s safe to assume you’re surrounded by pink.

brown aura color

If you fear the unknown in life, brown might be your aura. A brown aura is associated with selfishness, so if this color surrounds you, use it as a wake-up call.

If you’re contemplating tough decisions or feeling anxious about the future, Brown will be part of your aura.

gray halo color

Gray auras can indicate depression and anxiety, darker sides of your personality, or blocked or stagnant energies that need to be expressed.

Do you have something holding on? Seeing gray is a sign you’re letting it go. Whatever it is – angry, sad or upset – it’s time to deal with what’s in front of you.

black aura color

Clearly, black represents some kind of negativity. It can also indicate an unwillingness to forgive, as well as built-up anger or resentment.

The dark clouds over your head (literally and figuratively) should not be ignored. If you have a black aura, release all pent up emotions and turn things around.

white aura color

Considered the rarest aura color, white is usually only associated with those who are highly spiritual, transcend material reality and renounce materialism.

While you may not see this color in your aura, white is still something to look out for, as it’s meant to show your spiritual progress.

silver halo color

Metallic auras, silver auras are associated with stability, abundance and cosmic power. However, this kind of aura is extremely rare. Although people with this kind of aura have strong spirituality, they will have good fortune in the future.

If you have a silver aura, you are highly creative and have a strong connection to the spiritual realm.

golden halo color

Similar to people with a silver halo, people with a gold halo are enlightened beings, often wise beyond their years. They seek a higher spiritual understanding while being compassionate and compassionate.

Those with a golden aura may experience changes in the exact color of their auric field, but their knowledgeable personalities allow them to welcome good luck mentally, emotionally and materially.

rainbow halo colors

The most beautiful energy field, the rainbow aura presents the fifth dimension of spirit. People with rainbow auras are likely to be spiritual teachers, healers and lightworkers.

Seeing a rainbow is another rare aura phenomenon. Still, very special someones will find a rainbow of colors in their aura.

How to discover and interpret your aura?

Here are three techniques that may help you discover and read your aura:

  • Use your eyes: Gaze is a common technique for sensing auras. It involves softening your focus and looking at the energy field of a person or an object without staring. Over time, you may notice a subtle color or glow around them. Using peripheral vision can help detect the color of the aura by focusing on a point slightly to the side or back.
  • Use your intuition: You can sense your aura or someone else’s aura by tuning into your inner feelings. Moving your hand around a person or object can help you notice any changes or sensations. You can also close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and imagine the colors around you or other people. Using a pendulum or color chips can also help identify colors.
  • Use your hands: You can feel your or someone else’s aura by rubbing your hands together and then pulling them apart. You may notice changes in pressure, temperature, or tingling as you approach the aura.

At last

Our auras are in constant flux—but for many of us, one or two colors stick around. Whether you’re blue, yellow, or red on a given day, knowing your aura energy at any given point can help you get through the day more easily.

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