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No matter how well your life is going, things can get difficult or chaotic within seconds. Suddenly, you find yourself looking for answers to your most important questions. “Does he love me?”, “What should my next career move be?” or “What’s my future?” are just some of the things that will occupy your mind at different stages of your life.

Various psychic readings are considered the number one source for answers to these important questions. Over time, people have developed a whole host of tools and techniques for psychological reading. There are tarot cards, crystal balls, and even fancy things like pendulums and automatic writing. However, some of the most effective tools are familiar to everyone, such as playing cards.

Today, we’ll tell you everything about the card: what it is, where to get accurate card readings, what the different cards mean, and what to know to get the best experience out of card arithmetic.

What are Divination Online Readers?

Cartomancy is a psychological practice that explains the spread of playing cards. Spreads can include different numbers of cards and different layouts. The choice of layout and the number of cards used depends on the personal preference of the psychic, as well as the questions asked by the client.

A deck always includes all four suits, usually all cards from 2 to Ace. Some psychics also prefer to include clowns and blank cards, as they feel that spreading with these cards can significantly change their meaning. These are common decks of cards that people widely use in poker, bridge, and other popular card games. However, when used in card divination, these very familiar cards acquire a different spiritual meaning.

For a long time, people could only get these services from brick-and-mortar stores or visiting friends who claimed to be good at poker. Luckily, there’s no need to look anywhere right now as there are tons of online card readings free and paid services where you can get quality card readings online from trusted professionals and get answers to the questions you’ve been asking yourself for a long time answer time.

Best Accurate Cartomancy Readings Websites

In the modern era, there are too many “psychic scammers” who pretend to be “real psychic experts” to scam money. Sometimes the information explosion may not be a good thing, and you will fall into a trap if you are not careful. Just like I said in my previous article. Is there a real team of experts serving people in need? Yes! I’ve listed below a few Cartomancy Reading Online sites that are enduring. They can help you find the best solution when you need it.


  • Established: 1999
  • Communication Channels: Phone, Chat, Email
  • Online psychics: 70+
  • Price (from): $1.69
  • Special Offer: 3 minutes free call with any reader

Launched over twenty years ago, Kasamba quickly gained a reputation as a very customer oriented and renowned psychic reading service. There are over 40 card readers on Kasamba, so you can choose the one that meets your expectations.

Most of the psychics on the site offer readings by phone and chat, and some also offer readings by email for a fixed price. To make your choice easier, Kasamba offers a special offer: 3 minutes free with any psychic. Afterwards, you can continue your session by paying by the minute.


  • Established: 1999
  • Communication Channels: Phone, Chat, Email
  • Online Psychology: 100+
  • Price (starting): $1.99
  • Special Offer: 3 minutes free call with any reader

Like Kasamba, Keen was founded more than two decades ago. Like Kasamba, it’s successfully evolved over time so you’ll never feel like it’s an outdated card service. Cartomancy is just one of Keen’s specialties, as the psychics on the site offer a variety of spiritual services.

Keen readers are available 24/7, so there is always someone answering your call, chat question or email. The site frequently recommends new psychics or those with 10+ years of experience, so there is a right fit for every request. As a special offer, you can talk to any psychic online for 3 minutes.


  • Established: 2019
  • Communication Channel: Chat
  • Online Psychology: 50+
  • Price (from): 30 credits per minute
  • Special Offer: 100 Free Credits

Nebula is a relatively new psychic reading service, but it already has a loyal following online. Clients love the clean design of the website, the usability of the mobile app, and the wide range of psychics, including card fortune tellers. Nebula is unique in that all psychics on the site cost the same 30 credits per minute.

Nebula has a matching system that helps you choose a psychic based on your current needs. You can also view the list of psychics currently online and consider their experience, ratings, psychic tools, and topics to choose the one that meets your requirements.

How are Cartomancy Readings Different from Tarot Card Readings?

Aside from obvious features like card numbers or images, online card readings are interpreted differently than tarot readings. Tarot spreads are open to interpretation, and each combination can have multiple meanings. Poker is much more precise in this regard: no matter which card you get in a deck, the meaning is clear and should give you plenty of room to think.

Cartomancy Card Layout and Explanation

We’ll start by saying that the best people to decipher business card layouts are professionals who do it for a living. However, it is always a good idea to know the meaning of playing cards. That way, you can provide fun activities for your guests at your next party, and even tell if your psychic really knows what they’re talking about, or just makes it up as they go.

Of course, card divination is more than just knowing what each card means. Unique card combinations, as well as suits, can provide complete answers to any life problems you may encounter. That’s why it’s best to get poker card readings online from a trusted supplier so you know exactly what to expect in the future.

At last

Whether you use expensive, affordable, or free online card readings, you should expect the same results: a glimpse into your future, some guidance on how to act, and a warning of what’s to come. Card divination may not tell you winning lottery numbers, but in the right hands, card spreads can be more informative than many other types of psychic reading.

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