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3 Free Online Psychic Readings: Free Psychic Sites For Chat, Phone, Email Reading

With so much uncertainty in life, more and more people are turning to free online psychic books to gain valuable insights and clear thinking. No matter what questions you have about love, relationships, money or the future, the best online psychologists can help you to move forward with confidence.

I spent a lot of time and energy looking for websites that provide real free online spiritual reading. In this article, I evaluated each website according to various factors, such as professional readers, their promotions and customer comments. So please keep the change. If you need a really free psychic reading, he’s here. Let’s keep reading.

Keen-Free for 3 minutes
Psychic Source-Free for 3 minutes
Kasamba-Free for 3 minutes

Best website for free online tarot cards
Free Online Psychic Reading
  • Cheap psychic with 400 thousand+comments.
  • Accurately read
  • Simple and fast search filters.
  • Free iOS and Android apps.

Services Keen Psychics Offers

One of the reasons why Keen Psychics is a great psychic reading website is that the company tries to provide services to everyone at an affordable price. Some online spiritual books you can ask for include, but are not limited to:

Crystal gazing
Tarot readings
Aura readings
Love and relationship advice
Spiritual readings
Psychic mediums

Keen network of minds

In addition to its outstanding mental services, Keen also provides accurate mental readings in many other fields. From astrology and tarot readings to life readings, dream analysis and past life readings, you can find a reader to help you do anything you need in Keen.

Search screening

There are so many psychic readers on the platform that you might worry that finding the right psychic on Keen is like getting lost in a big city. Oh, no. The platform keeps pace with the times, with innovative and cutting-edge ideas and filters, so that you can find the desired function at any time. It’s as simple as asking the police for directions on the road. You just need to know where you want the answer and your budget. Filtering answers is as simple as crossing the street.

Best Feature

If your first online psychic reading makes you nervous, Keen has a great function called “Reading 101”, which will help you to see everything correctly. It is a good way to better understand the psychic reading service, from the sharp psychic to basic common questions and tips in the ultimate guide to psychic reading.


With more than 400,000 comprehensive comments, Keen is the psychic with the most comments on any online psychic reading platform. No matter which kind of reading you are interested in, you can find it on Keen. For more than 20 years, keen psychics have been doing this and doing it very well. If you are looking for a spiritual counselor to help you connect with your higher spirit, this is the place you should go.

Helping people to improve themselves to the best has always been a special specialty of keen psychics, and their spiritual interpretation has helped many people heal and evolve. Get free psychic reading materials on KEEN If you are generally skeptical about online psychic readings materials, Keen is willing to solve this problem by giving you the first 3 minutes of reading for free. While this may not sound like a lot of time, it is usually enough to sense if you and your psychic are able to develop communication and trust. If you find that 3 minutes is not enough, Keen also offering an extra 10 minutes, only 1.99$. Once you find your favorite psychic, this is a good way to get cheap psychic readings.

Best Free Media Online Read
Free Online Psychic Reading
  • Most Experienced Online Psychic Reading Service
  • Phone, chat, email and video reading
  • Handy “find a psychic” feature
  • Free daily horoscope
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Free minute trades for new customers only

Services Psychic Source Offers

In the psychic source, you have a series of services to explore. You can get psychic readings from the Internet or arrange psychic readings by phone. Psychic resources also provide psychic video readings for those who like face-to-face communication.

There are also different types of spiritual interpretations available. Skilled Psychic Source advisers can genuinely guide you in most areas of your life through the following methods.

Dream analysis
Love readings
Spiritual readings
Online tarot readings
Love tarot readings
Numerology readings
Astrology readings

Psychic Source’s Psychic Network

There are nearly 300 online psychics to choose from, and the psychic source can provide customers with more comprehensive psychic readings materials. In addition to top psychics, they also have everything from angel card readings and astrology readings to reiki therapy and tarot card readings.

Search screening

There’s also a convenient interactive function called “looking for a psychic”, where you answer a few short questions and then choose a psychic. The whole process takes less than 30 seconds, and then you immediately see 3 top psychics. You can choose according to your requirements. If you want to browse further, you can use their standard filters to see more comprehensive information about psychics based on their profession, tool and experience.

Best Feature

In addition to phone reading, chat psych reading, and email reading, Psychic Source also offers video reading. If you want to experience an old-fashioned face-to-faceting, where you sit face – to – face with the psychic reader of your choice, it’s pretty cool. There’s also an “Articles and Media” section, which contains a large number of articles, videos and podcasts about psychology and spirit. Of particular note is their “All About Psychic Readings” section, which will help you capitalize on your next reading. They are also very caring, and one of their initiatives being “kindness”, donating 1% of all the items you buy to a charity you choose.


If you are interested in the spiritual world, or if you want to contact people on the other side, then the psychic medium of the psychic source may be the best platform you are looking for. With over 30 years of experience, Psychic Source is a trusted psychic reading platform with the people, resources, and reputation to unravel any secret you want to know about life and beyond.

How to get free psychic reading materials from psychic resources? If the questions you are going to ask your psychic reader are important, then you’ll want to take the time to get them right. Psychic resources know this, which is why they offer 3 different transactions of $ 1 per minute to first-time customers. These 10-minute, 20-minute, and 30-minute packages allow you to test some psychic abilities. But after you finally choose the right online psychic, there’s still time for a more formal conversation.

Of course, the psychic source also provides you with a free 3-minute reading for the first time.

Top Sites for Free Love Psychic Reads
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Trusted Psychic Reading Sites
  • Guided more than 3 million people
  • Every possible reading imaginable
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Email reads may take up to 24 hours for a response

Services provided by Kasamba

Kasamba allows users to connect online with free psychics anywhere in the world. You can get accurate readings from a gifted psychic through a wide range of services, including:

Fortune telling
Dream analysis
Astrology readings
Career forecasts
Love readings
Past life readings
Palm readings
Tarot readings

Kasamba Psychic Network

If you’re coming to Kasamba to sort out your love life, they have nearly 300 love psychics to choose from. No matter what type of reading you’re looking for, Kasamba has everything from astrology to tarot astrology, Reiki reading, rune casting, and even palm reading to help you organize your love life.

Search screening

Simply select the type of reading you want from their main menu, and you can browse through the vast amount of material to find the psychic you need. The introduction covers the reader’s experience, qualifications and expertise, and even tells you what to say in the meeting.

Best Feature

Kasamba is not only committed to providing the best psychic readings online, but also to helping you get the most out of your reading. For this end, they have set up a best blog sections. There are different types of psychic readings featured, as well as a section titled “All About Psychic ism,” which explains not only how to choose the right counselor, but also the questions to ask to get the most out of your reading.


Love is a question that fascinates everyone, but online psychologists in kasamba have the answer. Whether you want to know how to find, keep or give up a lover, kasamba love psychologist has been giving advice to the whole world on spiritual issues for more than 20 years. If you are looking for love in the wrong places, kasamba welcomes you to the right place.

How to get free online psychic readings on kasamba? The free reading transaction on kasamba starts with their best Match guarantee, allowing you to have 3 minutes of free time every time you try a new psychic. Finding the right psychic online isn’t always easy, so kasamba came up with this deal that lets you try out the reader a little bit and see if it clicks. If not, you just need to end the session before the timer stops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the free online psychology accurate?

If you go to a prestigious website and thoroughly inspect and screen their readers before appointing them, you can expect great spiritual readings online. Doing so can ensure the highest quality and the most accurate results for every customer seeking services.

Now there are so-called “completely free” online divination platforms on the market, but let’s calmly think about it. Is this possible? Psychics are also human beings, and they also need to pay utility bills, rent, and loans. They are not philanthropists, but they have a platform to amplify their energy and help others. So don’t believe those so-called “completely free” online websites. Who knows if it might steal your money when you sleep?

The psychic reading websites I recommend have verified and reliable readers. Note that some psychics have more experience and skills than others, so they have the ability to give better interpretation. You can check their comments and ratings on their resumes and find the best and most suitable for you.

Is psychic books expensive?

The answer depends on the websites you visit and audience. The more mature the website, the more experienced the readers, and the higher the cost. In addition, top psychics with special skills can charge more than others.

But when you often use the same platform, they have all kinds of free services to make your money’s worth.

What good is psychic reading for you?

Many people go to spiritual readers to find answers to different aspects of their lives. There is a psychic who can discuss specific issues. For example, some experts can give you guidance on family, love and relationship, while others specialize in career guidance. You can also choose a psychic who can answer questions about the afterlife, your dreams, the present, past and future, and even lost objects.

Is the cheap network psychic readers reliable?

Just because they are cheap does not mean that they are fake. Just because they are expensive does not mean that they are the best. Whether you can get accurate readings depends on which website you are using. There are many affordable online psychological help hotlines, you can try them.

Each platform has a strict audit system, and will not lift a rock and drop it on your own foot. Everyone knows how important honesty is!

Please remember, you must also be honest about everything to get accurate answer. This should not be a problem, because a reliable online psychological website will not reveal customer information.

Final Thinking

If you need guidance through some of the most challenging obstacles in your life, you may not know where to turn for help. Finding help from free online psychic readings may seem difficult, but many clients find them helpful.

I’ve spent a lot of time doing extensive research and checking to find the best online psychics who offer free psychic reading trials. The free psychology that we recommend on the platforms mentioned above is genuine and reliable. Psychic readers who perform tarot readings, dream interpretation, and other online services have something to offer people.

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