Best Free Online Psychic Readings of 2023

The strange but revered world of psychics has fascinated humans for centuries. Its origin or nature isn’t even certain. In the early days, it only served a small group of people and did not enter the public eye. As time goes by, they also appear more and more frequently in our field of vision.

For lovers of mysticism, psychic readings have become a new way of understanding the universe and life. For such reasons, they have begun to spread to many cultures around the world, and now they have entered the digital age.

Free online psychic readings can help you gain insight into your own life and provide answers to complex questions. The clarity gained often drives people to seek better opportunities for themselves and experience a greater sense of peace.

But, with thousands of sites offering free online psychological reading, choosing one that takes into account finding one that takes into account your individual needs and expectations can be difficult. So how do you choose the best place for free psychic reading lessons for yourself?

That’s why we’re reviewing some of the most trusted and successful psychologists around. Best of all, all of these links mentioned below offer accurate psychic readings for free as a gift for first-time visitors.

Can You Really Get Real Online Psychic Readings For Free?
Yes, you can get online psychic readings for free. But first, understand that you only have so much free time, whether you’re typing or calling. Free online psychic readings are samples of psychic paid psychic services. You can also get a discounted price for a limited time after the trial.

However, if you don’t want to pay, they almost all have huge discounts for new users. This allows you to finally put your mind at ease and add a touch of color to your journey. Don’t worry about the expensive problem. Let’s take a look at which websites provide free online psychic reading.

Where can I get the best free online psychic reading?

Keen –10-minute reading for $1.99 OR free minutes
kasamba–3 FREE minutes + 70% OFF 
oranum–$9.99 credit or free online chat with readers

Cheap and Free Astrology Readings

Free online psychic readings

Keen has the largest online psychology community and over 20 years of experience, having been established in 1999. For 20 years, it has been committed to helping people find the joy and beauty of life, and it has never changed. They can provide any type of psychological prediction you want, and they’ve been doing that for over 20 years, and they have tens of thousands of positive reviews. This speaks volumes for their reputation.

In addition to the quality of its wide range of psychic readings, Keen also offers some enticing free psychic reading sessions.

How to Get Free Psychic Readings at Keen

Keen isn’t the top choice when it comes to getting free online psychic readings, but they do have some unique deals.

Keen gives you the first three minutes of your first read for free, and then offers 10 minutes of follow-up deals for just $1.99, which is more than enough to get your hands on the moment and make sure they’re real. Convenience provides convenience for future services.


Keen has a very large number of different psychic readers on their website, offering a variety of readings.

But if you want the best, you should probably choose one of their astrology experts for an astrology reading.

Whether your concerns concern career, family or the future, the talented Keen astrologer should be able to open your eyes with online psychic readings.

Another thing we love about Keen is how easy it is to buy reading material. Keen’s “Find Your Best Psychic” search filter makes things a lot easier.

It’s located on the home page and allows you to read details of Keen’s gifted psychics based on the type of reading you want, your price range, and whether you prefer to call or chat.

But before you do, it might be best to check out their “Readings 101” feature.

It’s in the “Advisors” section and contains all sorts of relevant information about reading, including how to choose a psychic reader and the best questions to ask while reading.


Best Free Psychological Love Books (+70% Off for New Users)

Free online psychic readings

Most people think of kasamba as a sanctuary for love reading, and with good reason.

With over 20 years of experience, they offer reading in just about every category imaginable.

From astrology, fortune telling and reiki readings to spiritual, past life readings and tarot card readings, Kasamba’s love psychologists have the largest repertoire of esoteric repertoire of all online to answer your romantic questions.

How to Get Free Psychic Readings at Kasamba

While Kasamba’s psychic predictions range from $3.99 to over $30 a minute, all of their psychics are included in Kasamba’s free psychic reading offer.

The online psychic reading service offers three minutes of free chat time with each new advisor, allowing new clients to effectively try out a psychic reader of choice before committing to a paid reading.

Once you have identified a consultant, Kasamba will give you another three minutes of free time on your first reading. You can also get 70% off your first read here.

To make sure you’re satisfied, Kasamba offers a Satisfaction Guarantee, giving you up to $50 back if you’re not satisfied with your reading.


Every psychic platform has a specialty, and for Kasamba, that’s love and relationships.

From breakups and divorces to soulmate connections, you should be covered at Kasamba with psychic readers who are recognized as masters on matters of the heart.

In addition to traditional astrology and tarot reading, Kasamba has some unique esoteric tools that can help you navigate your romantic challenges.

The site offers palm reading, graphology or “handwriting analysis” and Kabbalah reading, just to name a few. More categories are waiting for you to discover.

It’s easy to find psychics on Kasamba.

Each reading category has a heading on the main menu so you can get to the point quickly and see full profiles, customer reviews and pricing for any type of online psychic reader you’re interested in.

Afterwards, you can schedule a chat, email consultation, or phone consultation. Sadly kasamba doesn’t have a video chat option.

There’s also an extensive “Articles” section with informative articles on a variety of spiritual topics, and an “All About Channeling” section to help you set up and make better use of your free channeling reading sessions.


Free online chat rooms are best for online video reading

Free online psychic readings

Oranum has been featuring online psychology for over a decade, and they are an innovative platform.

Many of Oranum’s online psychic readers offer video presentations and tutorials on esoteric topics, so Oranum offers its clients not only the opportunity to acquire professional reading, but also to advance their spiritual education.

Oranum provides tarot reading, fortune telling, dream analysis, past life reading, astrology, palm reading and more. They focus on love and relationships, home and family.

How to Get Free Psychic Readings on Oranum

Oranum is all about making spiritual reading accessible anytime, anywhere.

Its free live chat rooms and video readings are a great and fun way to learn about working professionals and find the right one for you in a more intuitive way.

Best of all, Oranum offers 9.99 free credits when newcomers sign up for a certified credit card. These credits are worth $10. It can be read online for free for 10 minutes.


Offering a colorful theatrical format, a free live chat room and a weekly popularity contest to showcase who a client’s favorite advisor is, all these features make Oranum an innovative and engaging online psychic reading platform .

But they’re not just for show. Oranum is also great when it comes to protecting your payments and privacy.

In the FAQ section, they claim to be regularly verified by McAfee and VeriSign, both well-known security agencies specializing in payment security and information protection.

What’s more, Oranum uses many intuitive features to help you choose a psychic.

For example, when you’re viewing their selection of available psychics, hovering over their name will tell you if they’re online and ready to read.

Oranum also lets you preview their talents via video, so you can decide beforehand whether you can approach them.

However, since online video is a large part of Oranum’s psychological services, if someone does not have access to a computer or camera, it may be difficult for them to get a reading. This is a pity, but no one is perfect.

Still, it’s a bonus for anyone who likes live video reading.

Summary: Where Can I Find Really Free Psychic Readings?

To be clear, the term “free psychic” actually refers to free and/or discounted minutes, not free entire psychic readings. But the sites we recommend do offer real free minutes as well. This cannot be ignored. Only big platforms can have the courage to provide free minutes for every user. Although there are not many, compared with some “really completely free” small websites, they are more worried about bundled consumption and wallet security after consumption. And on these big platforms, you don’t have to worry about payment or wallet security at all.

However, since psychic readings are charged by the minute, it can definitely be a bargain to enjoy free or discounted minutes with an online psychic who typically charges $5 to $30 a minute.

Every platform provides more or less discounts and discounts for new users and loyal users, which will save us a lot of money, of course, the premise is that you have not registered or are a loyal user of the platform.

So if you’re interested in free/discounted psychic readings, all of our top picks have the best online psychics waiting to offer you savings on psychic readings that could change your life.

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